Too many topics!!l

Ooof we packed in so much this weekend and then random things happened too and now I am at a loss as to how to write a blog post that doesn’t resemble a novel!  I fear you will get bored silly…anyway I hope that you will stick with me…

souk madinat

Wow that’s quite a moody sky for Dubai but I think it’s a great dramatic picture! Souk Madinat is an artificial souk full of designer shops, it makes me giggle to see it but it’s great fun and I am keen to take a gondala through it one day.

On Thursday night we went to Noodle House in Souk Madinat.  Bond and I joined two new friends who are 23 and 24 and who manage to make me feel ancient without even trying!  That said they are great fun and they have a lot of enthusiasm.  Plus they are both new to Dubai so I feel rather protective, even if they are two big guys!  Bond enjoys the laddy banter and I like to feel like one of the boys once in a while so it was a fun night all round.  The best part is that the Canadian youth befriended my best friend T when she visited and so he and I were plotting how to get her out here sooner!


This is a Berlin Bear – isn’t he lovely? They had them all over Berlin, similar to the Elephant Parade!

Friday morning I skyped with my parents, they are VERY excited because my leave was approved by my lovely boss and so I will be visiting them in Berlin very soon, the tickets are all booked and they are planning all sorts of fun for my return to home.  I can only hope Tuxedo is as excited about our reunion, he can be quite reserved at times.  I suppose it’s hard to be effusive when one is perpetually in black tie!  I then headed to the pool to attempt to tan, seemingly a fruitless battle…!  I am reading a fab new book by Julia Quinn ‘What happens in London’ and the time flew by!

Before we headed to dinner I took myself for a much needed haircut at Mehr Mah – I have lost three inches of hair, it’s still longish but I do feel a bit like Samson after Delilah got her hands on his locks!  Bond says it’s nice and the girls at work like it, even the Phillipinas who are understandably most upset about Pacquiao losing the big fight today.

double troubleDinner was meant to be at Bu Qtair which is sort of fish shack.  However when we arrived we discovered that EVERYONE else in Dubai had had the same idea and decided we didn’t fancy waiting that long for fish!  Once the others arrived we jumped in their car and headed to Loka (so good it definitely gets a review!).  It was a night of meeting new people.  My friend had her boyfriend visiting for the first time and another friend had her twin sister over.  I have met twins before but these two really are identical, their voices are so similar that I was struggling to tell them apart when they spoke to me over speakerphone to plan the meeting!  It was great fun to see my friend reunited with her sister who I know she misses terribly, plus it was wonderful to have two times as much loveliness as these twins are just so nice!  All in all it was a fantastic evening and I can’t wait to do it again soon.


You may be able to see the slogan ‘Trust the Bum’ which is quite funny given it’s so bizarre for a bat!

Saturday Bond and I went for brunch at Eggspectation which is SOOO good and I think I have reviewed it before (If not I will do so and do Noodle House too – that’s not for now though!) We purchased a bat and ball at Adventure HQ and Bond and I headed back to the pool.  Suffice to say we are both hopeless (well I am hopeless and Bond is too nice to say so!)  We are planning a lot more practice because it’s a lot of fun and a surprisingly good work out!

In the evening we remembered that we both urgently need passport photos and so found a kodak store that would do them for us nearby, it’s not like London where they have booths.  Here you go and get your photo snapped, even so you can only imagine my surprise when they photoshopped said photos so I have flawless hair and skin and look younger if a tad orange! It was really eye opening, it took him all of five minutes to change my appearance.  If he could do that to me for free then I really do wonder what we are seeing in magazines…I am not kidding that he eradicated flaws that were barely visible on Bond’s photo.  I have to say I thought that they removed a bit of character from his face, I wonder if perfection is all it’s cracked up to be if it leaves people a bit duller looking?  His broken nose shows that he loves rugby after all!

street nightsOn our way to get said photos we saw that it was the street nights festival in JBR, they have all sorts of food and shopping.  There were some really fun stalls but of course they only take cash…this means an excuse to go shopping again soon to pick up a caftan I really loved!!  I will do a full report on it once I have been really able to explore – Bond got hungry so we had to go to the counter for the chicken burger he was craving.  They do great vegan burgers too and though I am not vegan I do really enjoy it!

eat fair

All in all it was a fab weekend full of fun and good friends and yummy food! My favourite things, I have a big smile on my face as I write this!  I hope that everyone else had/is having a lovely weekend!

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