Unbearable lightness – Portia De Rossi


It’s very hard to review this book because I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, I was gripped by Portia’s journey and she writes so well that you can’t put the book down.  Still it’s not an easy read and it does make you deal with a very tough topic. Eating disorders are not a glamorous or light subject matter and this doesn’t shy away from any of the darker uglier sides of these conditions.

The message that Portia espouses is so important and it was extremely brave of her to write it.  She’s obviously famous so coming out with a big secret like this takes a lot of guts.  It’s hard enough to admit you’ve struggled with an eating disorder without knowing that the press are likely to judge you and that everyone will want to talk about it. Even though she knew she would be judged you get the feeling that she bares all.

As well as tackling her battle with eating disorders we learn all about her battle with her sexuality.  Seeing her with Ellen Degeneres now it’s hard to imagine that Portia was ashamed of who she was and yet you can really see how she wanted to hide this side of herself.  It even fuelled her eating disorder to a degree.

This book is extremely moving as you watch someone you think has it all nearly destroy themselves all for the desperate bid to be ‘perfect’.  It makes you realise how futile it is to be something that you’re not just to make other people happy.

It’s worth reading if you have ever struggled yourself with an eating disorder, if you know anyone who has an eating disorder or if you suspect someone you know has an eating disorder.


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