Simple pleasures

pleasureI read a blog a while ago by Single Slummy Mummy about Simple Pleasures.  I have been reading most of her blog since discovering it and really recommend it, it’s funny and thought provoking.  I really enjoyed reading about Jo’s simple pleasures and it made me want to write about mine.  I definitely think that we don’t spend enough time considering the little moments that make us smile and it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the negative.  As one of my simple pleasures is actually writing this blog I thought I would use it to share some other things that make me smile!

1) Getting text messages – especially ones with good news!  I now hear everything via e-mail or text and so they have become way more significant.  I was one of the first people to hear my friend was finally pregnant after a rough time conceiving and she text me to say it was all going to plan…it will be one message I keep forever!

2) A good book – especially by a new author, then I can find even more things by them to enjoy!

3) Take away arriving rapidly – in Dubai I have had to wait hours at times and it can really ruin a relaxed movie night in, now when it comes promptly it makes me inordinately happy.

4) Whatsapp calling – a new feature that means I can now spontaneously call home and surprise my mother!  Also I can call my best friend and plot her move to Dubai…some of these plots are getting rather outlandish to be honest!

5) Making countdown calendars…only 24 days till Berlin!!

6) A really good cup of tea…which according to my new international friends out here makes me a ‘stereotype’.

7) A new episode of a favourite TV show – Modern family anyone??

8) Walking along the beach – I always laughed when people put that in their dating profile but it is actually lovely…now I too am a cliche!

9) Cake, biscuits or chocolate or actually licorice – in fact any kind of naughty treat!  These are especially good if they are purchased for me, gift calories clearly don’t count…I mean surely it would be rude not to eat them!


10) Hearing Bond laugh, it’s infectious!

What are your simple pleasures?  I would love to know and I am sure that it will make you smile just to think of them, it worked for me in any case!

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