The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

rosie project

On leaving London my lovely friend C insisted we have brunch so she could give me a farewell gift.  Most of the items were comedy; fake tan for example,  others were useful; an electric fan that works WOOHOO, some were thoughtful; a framed photo of us on the night she asked me to be her maid of honour, and lastly a book to read on the plane.

C has great tastes in books and I have always enjoyed whatever she has given me or recommended.  I recently started reading ‘The Rosie Effect’ which is the follow up book and it reminded me I didn’t review this, so here you go.

Honestly I can’t recommend it enough, I was gripped from start to finish (I even read it in the bath and one morning I was almost late for work because of it!)  The book is based in Australia, a place I recently visited and loved.  It charts a scientist determined to find a wife, he develops a project with a thesis and a questionnaire to achieve his aim.  In the process a woman is put in his path who he eliminates as a potential wife, she doesn’t fit any of his stringent criteria. I don’t want to tell you too much as I will give the plot away but I really recommend it if you like novels with suspense and plot twists. The characters are really well developed, even the secondary characters.  You really feel that you know them and how they tick.  This is especially impressive as the main character has a social disorder and struggles to read social cues etc.

I have read that a film version will be made soon.  I am quite sceptical about books being made into films.  They don’t usually live up to my expectations, but I think I will go to see this.  I am curious to see how they will portray the characters and some of the scenes are very comedic, the slapstic comedy elements should work very well on film.  Also Simon Baker would be terrific as the ‘best friend’ – read the book and see if you agree with me!!

Or maybe I just think all films would be better with him in them?

Or maybe I just think all films would be better with him in them?


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