Really they are going to let me drive!?

L plate This morning I went to apply for my driving licence permit…as with all things in Dubai this involved a LOT of paperwork and a fair few photos of moi (the photoshopped ones obviously!) I even had to do an eye test, this was comical, the lady told me the answers, it really pays to be polite in Dubai.  The guy before me got grilled and I was in and out in 2 minutes and got called sweetheart! The whole process was pretty time consuming but at least it is done now, I should get the permit in two days and then I can start the lessons next week.

Living in London I just never needed to drive, and then I developed a total fear of it.  Every time I considered becoming a driver it just seemed so frightening and I couldn’t see any need to confront that fear.  However in Dubai it really is getting to be a bit silly that I can’t drive, while the metro and taxis are great and really cheap it’s not always easy to navigate with them.  The metro doesn’t cover the whole city and sometimes the walk from a station to the place you are going can be VERY long and you arrive all hot and sweaty!  Taxis aren’t always available either and though they are cheap it does all add up in the end.  I have also ended up living in a pricier neighbourhood to be near the metro.  All of these factors have meant that I need to get a car so that I can relocate, even though I love JBR!

I did take some lessons in the UK before we moved here and to be honest I was right to be frightened.  I am a TERRIBLE driver, I can’t indicate without turning on the headlights and I really struggle to use mirrors properly.  My instructor looked nervous for the duration of all my lessons and he was a HUGE guy from Afghanistan who I am sure has been in more nerve wracking situations!!  I am hoping that I will do much better here in Dubai where the standard seems to be fairly low, no one indicates here anyway!

Please wish me luck and to all the Dubai drivers, keep your wits about you!!!

8 thoughts on “Really they are going to let me drive!?

  1. Muddy mum says:

    Oh wow! Best of luck! I had a hideous time learning to drive, awful and failed a number of tests. My instructor was an arse and I should have left sooner. In the end at rock bottom I changed instructors. Within a few weeks I was a confident, capable driver and passed with flying colours. Hopefully your instructor will help with your confidence too – it really does make such a difference. Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂


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