Audi Adventures

boxpark signSort of like a ‘Mini adventure’ only in Bond’s Audi!  This weekend Bond suggested exploring a new part of Dubai that had piqued our curiosity.  This was a very lovely impulse of his because Box Park is somewhere I have really wanted to go. It is a little way away hence saddling up the Audi for said adventure.  I was even allowed to play my music, which is a HUGE sacrifice for him because I like to sing along, but I do not do so well!!  Anyway we had a good time zipping through Dubai even though we were getting increasingly hungry…

box parkOn arrival at Box Park we went straight to find food, Bond suffers from ‘hangry-ness’* which must be staved off at all cost!  We found ourselves at Big Smoke Burger which is a sort of up-market fast food joint.  They do a great range of burgers though and if you are fussy like us they will let you build your own one.  I was especially thrilled to find they do lamb burgers which I love as well as beef, veggie and chicken options.  We also decided to be brave and order Poutine which is basically a bowl of chips with gravy and cheese curd – apparently it’s Canadian although I just asked my colleague who grew up there and she said it’s not her favourite thing by any means!  In any case we quite liked it and it is definitely a novel dish. Bond also had a ginger ale which he said still doesn’t compete with English ginger beer which we have yet to find here sadly.

box park treeHaving found sustenance we decided to commence our exploration.  Box Park is a trendy new development similar to the one in London in that it’s also made of converted shipping containers.  We ran into a colleague of mine and all agreed there was a lot to be said for the Dubai one being bathed in constant sunshine.  There are a few big brand stores, Nike and Adidas for example but also a few new boutiques.  My favourite was Typo which sells really funky art supplies as well as quirky gifts and homewares. Bond treated himself to a new globe for his desk, it’s very smart and I imagine him sitting with it plotting where he will go next!  I found the ultimate headphone/eye mask combo.  It’s truly genius!  I can sleep on planes but only if i listen to music and this new gadget means that I can do so in comfort without my headphones falling out.  It also says ‘warning do not disturb’ which amused me!


Aren’t they so pretty?

I fell in love with a pair of Toms sunglasses but I really do not need another pair and so exercised restraint.  However if you are in need of a pair then do have a look, Tom’s glasses work the same way as the shoes – for each pair you buy someone gets a pair of glasses or surgery.  Basically you can give someone the gift of sight!  Tom’s truly is an amazing brand that shows that doing good can benefit a business – they are the world’s fastest growing shoe brand after all.  The shoes are extremely comfortable as Bond and I can both attest!

boxpark penguinAfter we had got our shop on I admired the penguins that they have on display – clearly this place was built with me in mind as I LOVE penguins!

It soon got late so we left Box Park, all in all it was a fantastic day out!  The pictures are thanks to Bond which is why for once they are actually good!!

* hangry-ness = anger caused by hunger!

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