Driving theory part 3 and 4

driving theory

This comic is quite naughty…and I imagine would be MOST frowned upon by the RTA!

Wait a second I hear you say didn’t she only just complete part 1, where on earth is part 2??  Well don’t fear, I can still count!  However here in Dubai logic is not always a prevailing factor.  Instead the morning classes seem to be all over the place, tomorrow I will do class 2 and then on Sunday 6 and 7 before doing 4 and 5 on Monday.  Madness isn’t it?  However this is the only way to minimize the amount of work I miss while still doing all the mandatory classes.  Once I complete class 2 I will be allowed to begin practical lessons – I think they should probably issue some sort of warning to the lovely people of Dubai along the lines of ‘Stay in your houses a dangerous peril has been unleashed on our roads!!!’ sure it seems a bit melodramatic but I think it would have the desired effect of keeping people safe and leaving the roads clear for me.

Today’s odd moments  included:

1) The new plural of Child is Children’s – now I know you’re thinking wait a second, children is the plural of child and children’s means belonging to the children.  Previously I would have agreed, however surely my teacher isn’t wrong?  He referred to children’s on several occasions and I struggled not to correct him!  Still my firm belief is that if he can teach in my language and I can’t speak a word of his I have no right to say anything…it’s just not always easy not to get a giggle out of these errors!

2) Apparently it’s bad form to kill people here while driving – he went over ALL the people we weren’t allowed to kill in great details as though he thought we would just go after any one he left out!  I really got the feeling that he thought we were all wannabe murderers…

3) We watched a video which apparently used foul language, he muted it though because swearing is against the rules of etiquette here!  I have no idea at all what the point of the video was beyond showing us that he was being very careful about respecting UAE laws.

I did actually learn a couple of useful things though!!!

1) All the details about safe driving distances – I didn’t know any of this.  Still I fear it won’t be that useful here as everyone seems to drive soooo closely together I don’t think they took the lesson on board!

2) You should wait 15 hours after drinking before driving to allow the body to have processed all traces of alcohol – this actually is useful to know as Dubai has a zero tolerance policy to drink driving.

3) Homeopathic medicine contains alcohol – I had no idea!!  It’s only useful if you take it though due to the zero tolerance policy. Still I was thinking of getting Rescue Remedy for the car so best I skip that one!

Beyond that I made a new friend who is Kenyan and has been here five years and decided it was time to drive, we are going to attend the next few classes together so that should make it more interesting.

If you fancy seeing if you could handle Dubai driving you can do a practice theory test. Do let me know how you do!

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