Driving theory part 2

Today I had my theory part 2 and my instructor said he felt sorry for me having to do classes out of order.  I didn’t have the heart to say that doing them out of order was about the only challenge I was getting from the course!

My friend who I met previously was there today but she left before my class started, however she should be back on Sunday.  Now I have completed my theory class 2 I can start the practical classes.  I think though I will just get the theory completed so I can stop going to the centre.  Al Quoz is not a glamorous part of Dubai so I would like to be done with it sooner rather than later.

So on to my new set of driving skills:

1) Apparently I should not concern myself with roundabouts as they are not on the test.  Never mind the fact that they are in Dubai and I may have to use them, that’s just a hurdle I will have to cross when I come to it.

2) People attend the English speaking courses regardless of the fact they can’t really speak English and have a handbook in a different language.  This was discovered when the student couldn’t find the correct information on the page referenced, Arabic books work backwards to ours so of course the numbering tends to differ.  I sort of thought they would say he had to attend the Arabic class so they could be sure he understood but apparently it’s fine…This I think partly explains why no one observes the rules!

3) You are meant to stop at pedestrian crossings – now I did know that was the practice in the UK but I wasn’t sure here in Dubai because in my experience no one stops at zebra crossings, they are basically just perceived as some odd road art!

Now I can’t quite believe I didn’t share this with you before but the chairs at these classes are without the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in!  They are metal and so they are very hard and cold, especially after hours of the A/C blasting.  Anyway I must try to remember a cushion in future!


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