Freedom and Skype!

never ending meetingYesterday I attended a meeting that I genuinely felt might never end…We started at 3.30 and we finally left the building at 7.  Well a few of us did when my boss told us to leave.  Lord knows when he finally managed to escape!

While most of the points raised were interesting the vast majority were off topic. The way of holding meetings here is far more fluid than in England.  Where back in Blighty you would have some sort of agenda and hold any other business at the end, here any other business comes up throughout and there is no agenda anyway!

I now get to type all of this up and distribute it to the attendees to see if they need or want to make any additions.  I do find all of this stuff interesting and it’s great to be more involved in what is going on around me but leaving at 7 was a bit much.  I know that’s not really a ‘late night’ but I am meant to finish at 5.45 and I am fairly sure that if my boss hadn’t been keen to leave we could have been there till the small hours…

skypeOnce I got home I reheated my risotto from the previous night (I didn’t cook the original, it was left overs from Saladicious!) while my mother watched in AWE on Skype at my clearly amazing cooking skills.  Truly it was a ‘miracle’ to behold as I never ever cook due to incidents such as nearly burning the kitchen down in the past!  We had a lovely chat about all sorts of things, and some of our plans for my trip to Berlin.  It should be great fun, even though it will be a tad chilly after Dubai.  Still I am assured that there are jumpers of mine there and I have a coat here in Dubai so I am ready!

Grace and FrankieOnce we had said all there was to say (an hour and a half later) we called it a night and I set about watching the new show my mother had recommended to me.  ‘Grace and Frankie‘ stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.  It’s an all star cast who excel in their roles.  The concept is totally original and very clever.  Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen have been married for 40 years as have Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterston.  Waterston and Sheen own a legal practice together and their wives tolerate each other as a result.  Imagine their surprise then when the two men announce that they are gay and have been having a secret relationship for the past 20 years and now they want to be together.  Both women get thrown together as a result of this and the way they interact with each other is hilarious.  I thoroughly recommend watching this if you want a laugh and you want to watch something original.  Also if you like ‘Monster in Law’ then Jane Fonda is as good in this!

Now having relived some laughs I must get back to the minutes of the never ending meeting…wish me luck please!


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