Lovely Ladies

ladies nightLast night some girlfriends and I headed out to make the most of ‘Ladies Night’. Believe it or not here in Dubai you can go to various bars on most nights of the week and drink for free if you are a female.  Some places will even feed you!  Tuesday is the ultimate night though where it seems EVERYWHERE gets in on the act.  While Ladies Night sounds a bit sleazy it really isn’t! It could be a meat market but in reality most guys don’t choose to go.  Those that are there tend to be boyfriends or husbands making the most of saving some dirhams on taking their partner out!  You really can enjoy being with your girlfriends and not worry about being letched on.

pier 7We met at Pier 7 which has the greatest array of ladies nights. First we decided to go to O Cacti, which is a Mexican themed restaurant.  You can have three free (try saying that quickly!) cosmopolitans or margheritas there, we all went for cosmos and toasted our very ‘SATC’ ways!  It was a fun bunch of new friends who are recent arrivals to Dubai, so much so I felt quite established here even though I haven’t been here a year yet.  It was really interesting to hear about their take on it all!


That very tanned shoulder sadly is not mine!

Having drained our freebies at O Cacti we moved on to Cargo, I hadn’t been here before but it was far busier and had a more fun vibe than O Cacti.  They also offered us Cosmos (4 this time!) and we quickly found a table.  Two more girls joined us who are visiting from London, they were pretty blown away by the fact that everything was free even though we were in a great venue with a table overlooking the Marina!

Soon we hopped into one of the ‘EZ taxis’ that drive up and down to go to the Yacht Club.  These little cars are hilarious, a bit like glammed up golf carts.  They are all over Dubai, you can even use them in the Malls if all that shopping has tuckered you out.  That may seem ridiculous but I can quite understand the need. Dubai Mall is HUGE and you can feel like you’ve walked MILES after only a couple of hours there.

ex taxiOn arrival at the Yacht club it was HEAVING and so i decided it was time to head for home, I changed my heels for flats (I am far more organised than Cinderalla clearly!) and walked over the bridge home.

It was a great night and I look forward to a repeat soon with my new pals!


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