Fabulous Friends!!


No surprise she is jetlagged!

On Wednesday my old flatmate arrived in Dubai on her way back from three weeks in Sydney.  I haven’t seen her since I left London so I was very excited she had decided to come out!  She’s staying in the Sofitel which is conveniently close to my place.

sofitel lobby

How pretty is that?

The day DRAAAAAAAAGED until I could go and meet her and I thought 7 would never come.  We hugged dramatically in the Sofitel lobby which has star shaped lights and a tree growing inside, as you do!  It really is stunning and I enjoyed my little tour before dinner. We headed to a restaurant at the Rotana, Rosso’s do a great happy hour, buy one get one free on a HUGE range of cocktails, wines and beers and so the two of us had a Bellini.  Well it was a celebration after all!  I was very pleased they had pork on the menu and had a fantastic mortadella and truffle oil pizza and C had gnocchi which she said was deceptively filling, it had looked rather small on arrival!

dubai opera

This is what it will one day look like!

We had a great time catching up on all each others news.  She’s an opera singer and is finally getting great gigs and can really see this becoming a career.  This is thrilling for me because Dubai are going to get a an Opera district soon so she can come and serenade me hopefully!!  It’s great to see her becoming so much more confident and self assured.  She told me this is the fattest she has ever been but I was convinced she had lost weight because of how she was carrying herself.  It’s fantastic to see this person coming through who I always knew was there but who just kept beating herself up.  Depression is an evil demon and I am so glad it’s freed my lovely friend finally, the world is a happier place now she’s back at full throttle!

Jet lagged defeated her so we got an earlyish night which was just as well as I had a big day at work the next day dispatching my boss to New York.

sushi artC spent the next day enjoying a big buffet breakfast and exploring the local area so she could get a feel for where I live.  Poor thing said the heat was somewhat more intense than she had imagined prior to getting out here though!  We met again in the evening and I showed her my new flat and we had a drink before heading for sushi at Sushi art.  Bond HATES Sushi so it was a real treat to go and indulge in eating it, I am a big fan.  Out of nostalgia we each had a bowl of miso soup; on our first lunch outing together I managed (in spite of always being so terribly poised and not at all clumsy!) to throw an entire bowl of miso soup over myself which necessitated us leaving lunch early so I could buy a new outfit in order to return to the office!  Luckily she saw the funny side and it cemented our friendship!  It felt good to relive a happy memory and have a good giggle over old times.

habtoorJetlag won again so we said our goodbyes!  The next morning my other friend T as arrived in spite of her job trial being cancelled she was determined to have her Dubai weekend and had booked a room at the Habtoor Grand which is VERY swish and typical Dubai bling in style!

I decided to go and meet her at the airport but got dropped at the wrong terminal and ended up arriving very late and flustered!  Fortunately after 18 years of friendship she decided to let that failure slide.  We headed off to meet C for breakfast at eggspectation and to indulge in the all important Nutella hot chocolate!!  We all three had a great time catching up before heading over to Dubai Mall to show C just what the world’s biggest mall is really like!


These guys know it’s summer here!

We binge shopped in Sephora and then mooched around looking at other stores and making sure C saw all the vital sites like the aquarium, indoor fountains and the ice rink. As a reward for all our shopping efforts we went to Coldstone Creamery. This is an AMAZING place where they make you whatever flavour of ice cream you want and then shape it into a ball and toss it in the air and put on a whole floor show, it really is spectacular to watch and yummy to eat!  I had strawberries in mine which of course means it was very healthy…

toscanaMany hours and sore feet later we parted company to get ready for dinner with Bond and some other friends at Toscana in Souk Madinat which is the faux souk we often go to for dinner.  We were able to get a table outside by the water which was lovely and I had a delicious lobster dish.  There was a lot of chattering and catching up and it was all in all a great night out!

Picture the wholesome fun as my father and I build this...two only children attempting to share a toy!

Picture the wholesome fun as my father and I build this…two only children attempting to share a toy!

Yesterday we were all a tad tired and so met for a later breakfast at the Sofitel before roaming the whole of JBR for gifts for my family (I can’t turn up empty handed to Berlin after all) and for C’s family too as they all have birthdays coming up.  We got lucky at Gallery one fortunately. Then we made a move on to the Mall of the Emirates which T missed out on last time she was over.  We ended up having dinner at Cheesecake Factory overlooking Ski Dubai.  The girls both agreed it was totally surreal and that the cake is as epic as you’d expect…

All in all it was a very successful day!  After I have finished work we are meeting for dinner overlooking the Dubai fountains which should be great fun, I do love those fountains and C has never seen them before. It’s always fun to see someone’s face when they watch them!


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