Whitney Houston serenading Fountains…

burjLast night I met with the terrible twosome (aka my fabulous friends) who had spent much of the day mocking me over whatsapp for being at work.  They even said that they were replacing me with each other and sent me all sorts of abuse!  Honestly you import your friends, give them an excuse for a sun soaked holiday and this is how you are repaid!?  The nerve of it!  LuckilyI curtailed their fun as I was able to leave work a bit early and head over to Dubai Mall to meet them for a pre-dinner drink.

Dubai Mall metro station has the longest tunnel in the world (I am absolutely not exaggerating…) and it took me a whole lifetime (again accurate!) to walk down it.  I eventually arrived at the other side of the world’s biggest mall where the girls had decided to make camp.  I was gasping for a mint lemonade and nearly threw myself at the waiter who delivered it.  Baker and Spice is a nice cafe that is basically the same as the one in London just with some Middle Easter twists to the menu.  The sun was setting over the Burj Khalifa and C was really happy to see it for the first time.  She took some fantastic photos which I will endeavour to get from her!  Imagine quality photos on this blog!?

Dinner was at Abd El Wahab where I had taken A before, we had a terrific evening all together and we ate raw meat again which the waiter mixed with HUGE quantities of garlic which made it rather delicious if pungeant!  We saw the fountains several times though the favourite was definitely Whitney Houston.  We all sang along which would of course have been the highlight of the evening for the other diners I am sure!

A few cocktails at Left Bank and we decided to call it a night and agreed to meet for one last nutella hot chocolate in the morning.

A left straight after said hot chocolate and I have one last dinner tonight with C before she leaves.  I have had a great time with them, but all that socialising has made me rather tired!

Tomorrow is my first practical driving lesson…I will give a full report afterwards!  Please wish me luck and for anyone in Dubai please avoid the Al Quoz area for your own safety, you have been warned!

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