Godiva and Goodbyes.

friendOn Monday my two friends departed, A left in the morning after gulping a Nutella hot chocolate of course!  I headed off to work after managing to bag a ladies taxi (much to the annoyance of all the surrounding men!) It was a quiet day in the office and I was able to slope off a bit early in order to go and have some quality time with C before she also headed back to Londinium.

See it basically was a bucket!

See it basically was a bucket!

We met at her hotel for ‘happy hour’ which indeed was happy with drinks and food being dirt cheap and REALLY good.  We had a couple of lovely cocktails (hers was called Horse’s neck which was suitable as she is into riding and mine was served in a veritable bucket!)  The snack foods were really delicious and generous in size.  I will definitely be heading back to Sofitel soon to indulge again.  Three pounds for a cocktail is not to be missed!
godiavwhippyOnce the savory portion of our evening was finished we decided it was time to indulge in Godiva goodness.  Now C had already been there once that day and had even been given a free chocolate and thus declared it paradise. They beamed with happiness when she returned which was lovely, she said she felt most special.  This time I tried the single dark chocolate and it was EXCELLENT, though I think the swirl is even better to be honest. C loved Godiva so much that on her return to London she did some research and discovered you can get this stuff in the UK! Feast away one and all!  I am trying not to be too peeved that they opened just after I moved…presumably to help everyone get through the loss?!


You can never have too many ice cream pics right?!

We had a great time talking about books we both laughed and I have a host of recommendations to get stuck into which will be great.  I suspect I will be busy at Kinokuniya when I get back from Berlin! It’s an epic book store with EVERY book you could ever hope to find in just about any language or genre you can think of. They also have a great gift section too, it’s one of my favourite places!

Soon it was late and time for Miss C to head to the airport, after posing for photos with the tree in her lobby.  I am missing both girls terribly and can’t wait for their next visit!!


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