Brilliant Berlin 3!

gartenSunday saw the three of us heading to the Garten Akademie.  My mother had mentioned it to me and said it was her ‘happy place’ and that it reminded her of Clifton Gardens in Maida Vale where we used to live.  It really is a lovely place, it’s a garden centre with a gorgeous restaurant in a glass house.  I raised a few eyebrows while I sat there in my jumper and everyone else was in t-shirts, it was warm but not Dubai warm!  Dad had apple strudel which looked delicious and mummy and I each had marzipan cake which was amazing!  Sponge cake is far richer and has a really delicious texture in Germany, plus their marzipan is epic (I have bought a LOT back with me as it’s so good!)

purple plantWe then went home and my lovely parents got stuck in to some gardening!  My mother has become quite a dab hand in the garden!  I was most impressed by the changes since Christmas.  I found a lovely plant that my dad insisted on buying – it’s a leander and a stunning red colour. We also bought some ‘mystery’ plants which are purple and feel furry, Tuxedo likes them and stuck his face in them several times because they feel lovely!

In the late evening we had asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  It was lovely white asparagus which I love.  It was the season for asparagus in Germany and so it was especially good.  For pudding we had more chocolate mousse, I was rather sad to finish it as it was so yummy.  I think at Christmas I will insist on a MUCH larger portion!!

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