Brilliant Berlin 2!


It’s odd but in a good way!

On Saturday mummy and I strolled around the local area, my parents live near a fairly decent shopping district which I didn’t really explore last time as it was too cold to promenade about.  I was happy to see that my mother is well catered for for shops, she was even able to buy me a terrific pair of Tommy Hilfiger flip flops in pink which I love.  They will be most useful for lunches at the beach as they are smart and comfortable!  I am very happy with them indeed. The shop we got them at sells shoes and also electrical items such as fridges.  The Germans are into diversification and it’s not unusual to see things like this.  Tchibo is a coffee shop that sells underwear for example…

schnitzelHaving shopped our fill we went and met Dad for a delicious lunch at a really fun German restaurant.  I had the BIGGEST wiener schitzel ever seen by man or womankind!  There were plastic trees growing out of the walls which was bizarre but entertaining.  In the late afternoon Dad had to go to the football for one of the champions league matches, it was a work thing – he’s not the biggest football fan sadly though!  In his absence Mummy and I decided to go to KaDeWe which is a big store similar to Harrods or Saks.  Unfortunately the football had basically shut down the city and then it proceeded to chuck it down with rain.  Mummy and I made the wise decision to give it up as a bad job and head home.  We had a yummy supper together and Dad got home rather late after the football which he said was a bit better than anticipated!

We then made our plan for the morning and headed off to sleep.  My bed there is super comfortable so luckily I slept fairly well most of the time!


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