Brilliant Berlin!

berlin at nightFirst of all my apologies for not posting for a few days, I have been away visiting my parents and didn’t have my laptop with me, I can’t get to grips with my Ipad touchscreen for lots of typing. I had such an amazing time exploring Berlin and having quality time with my parents.  Berlin is such a fun and vivacious city, I urge everyone to take the chance to go and visit!  I was going to write one LONG post about it all but with pictures and everything it looked set to be an epic so its’ probably best I do it by days so you don’t all go mad with the scrolling!

I landed on Friday having had a bit of an epic journey.  There are no direct flights from Dubai to Berlin so I had to schlep on a coach to Abu Dhabi to take my Etihad flight which due to their partnership with Air Berlin was in fact an Air Berlin plane…the food was inedible and smelled so vile I sent it back.  In the end though it was worth it to get to see my mother waiting for me at the airport!  We had a fun drive back to the house and caught up and laughed a lot.  I had a great reunion with Tuxedo who came running down the stairs to welcome me home which was lovely, he really is beyond cute!

Mummy and I decided to have a chilled day at home while we waited for my Dad to return from his trip to Cologne, he also had the delights of Air Berlin but they didn’t even  attempt to feed him!  While we waited I ate a tonne of yummy salami and cheese while my mother prepared dinner.  There was a near disaster with the home made chocolate mousse but it was salvaged and ended up being totally delicious!  It was lovely to get home cooked food especially all my favourites – lamb and lovely veggies and a beetroot salad preceded the mousse.  We had a good chat over dinner putting the world to rights over champagne and lovely wine!

Then we went upstairs where I handed over the presents I had bought from Dubai for them.  Everything was well received so I was happy!  At around 10 we all decided on a relatively early night as I was a bit wiped…unfortunately Terrific Tuxedo isn’t allowed to sleep in my room so I had to shut the door on his plaintive miaows!

tuxedo lying down

Isn’t he gorgeous!

tuxedo sitting

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