Brilliant Berlin 4 (I was there a week…bear with me!)


This is the new event space at the Malzfabrik that you can hire.

Monday morning saw my mother and I off hobnobbing with some of her friends.  She very sensibly joined a ‘woman’s group’ when she moved to Berlin and they do all sorts of activities.  I was really pleased to be able to go along and meet some of her new friends and also get some insight into her new life.

We all met up at a Malzfabrik which was taken over by a Swiss developer a few years ago.  It used to be a brewery and the first room we went to had the old machines in it.  They had created a piece of installation art to replicated what the machines would have sounded like and how they would have moved. It was really fun to watch!  I should have taken a video but isn’t that typical hindsight.  The team behind this place have decided to use it to create spaces for artists and visionaries to be able to create.  It’s really a fascinating concept.  Their ethos is that all the tenants must be ‘unique and kind’.  The gentleman we met was very philosophical about it all and I found it rather infectious! I am keen to go back and visit again when we have more time to explore.


One of the coolest things they showed us was the aquaponic farm they have.  They also have a fish farm and bees. The bees and fish help to support the vegetables that they grow.  The fish provide nutrients (in the same way as manure…!) and the bees help to pollinate.  You can buy organic fish, fruits, vegetables and honey from this place.  It is really very clever and all entirely organic with a very low carbon footprint! I really recommend people read more at the link above. I bought Bond some honey which he says is delicious and my mother made a ratatouille out of the yummy tomatoes. It really was a fun outing and I learned a lot about this new type of farming.  Plus I enjoyed meeting my mothers new cohorts who were all really welcoming and kind and also quite funny at times!

monkey barAfter the malzfabrik I got dropped off at Bikini Berlin to meet my friend who recently moved from London to Berlin.  It was so much fun to see her and catch up with all our news, she was really on terrific form!  Bikini Berlin is a new mall they just opened with lots of cool and quirky shops and a really lovely restaurant.  We ate a three course meal of delicious food which M very kindly treated me to.  We then went to the Monkey Bar which has a view over the Zoo so you can see the monkeys play while you drink (hence the name).  We had some yummy Sekt (it’s like a German answer to Prosecco and is delicious) and continued gossiping before parting ways.  She very kindly put me on the metro and told me exactly when to get out etc.  I was able to navigate all the way home despite the rain, my parents were most impressed!

puzzlemadeAfter dinner we decided to make the puzzle that I had bought for Dad from Dubai.  It’s a picture of the Burj Khalifa and only 207 pieces so we thought it would be relatively simple.  Talk about famous last words, it took forever to get finished and even once it was done we weren’t sure it was right and ended up moving pieces around!  We were all three delighted when it was finished, apparently my parents are going to frame it; at least that way we definitely won’t be tempted to do it again!  Still I am sure you will agree it is a thing of great beauty and achievement!


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Berlin 4 (I was there a week…bear with me!)

    • widerangingramblings says:

      Light years ahead to be honest, mandatory recycling and so many bio and organic stores. It’s a big priority there. My German friend was pretty shocked when she moved to England to see how behind we are. We could certainly learn a lot from them!

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