Brilliant Berlin part 5!

KadeweOn Tuesday we made our second assault on the shops! This time with far more success!  We decided to park at KaDeWe and then head to the surrounding shops, mainly uniqlo as I desperately wanted some stuff from there and we don’t have it in Dubai sadly. One day hopefully it will come as it really does great basics.

burgerAnnoyingly I decided to start feeling a bit faint and hungry and so we had to go and get me some lunch.  This was of course my mother’s fault for giving me chocolate muesli for breakfast, it is AMAZING but clearly not the best start to the day for me!  We decided to go to Block House which is a steak house that has been around since 1968. There are a few of them dotted around Berlin so I was happy to try one out.  My mother was all healthy and had a steak stir fry and I went for a burger which was EPIC.  They put so much cheese on which is just the way I like it.  After we had eaten and I felt better we headed back to the shops.

I had a great foray in Uniqlo and got a lovely dress, a skirt and some t-shirts as well as a white linen shirt which will no doubt be invaluable out here. I was very lucky that it was sale season so I managed to save a lot of money. Actually as I type this I realise I managed to save ALL my money because I forgot my credit cards and my mother had to step in and pay (if you are reading this mummy please invoice me!!)  such is the peril of changing handbags and forgetting to check the zip compartment…

We suddenly realised that we had to hustle home as we both had hair appointments to get to.  The salon my mother goes to is very nice, although the girl who did my hair was a tad viscious in her desire to give me volume…!  Still at the end of it we both looked good and we were happy.  We went home and changed for our soiree in the evening.

In my dad’s absence we were attending a work function of his to ‘represent’ him.  The party took place at the Italian Embassy and was great fun.  They had yummy food and a lot of sponsored stands too.  My favourite bit was the tiramisu stand where they made you a mini tiramisu while you waited.  It was such a fun idea!  Apparently they can do a lot of different flavours so I hope to see them again and try more!  Mummy and I had a great time mingling around and meeting people and trying all the delicacies, we both got a taste for Aperol which they were also serving.  All in all a great evening.  Dad got back from his Brussels trip quite late due to the planes messing him around so we stayed up and saw him which made him happy – though only Tuxedo ran down the stairs!

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