Brilliant Berlin Part 8!

This is the official name of the Kudamm...but everyone seems to shorten it!

This is the official name of the Kudamm…but everyone seems to shorten it!

So on the last day the women shopped…my goodness my mother and I took the Kudamm by storm.  The Kudamm is a VERY long street full of lovely shops and we really went everywhere and anywhere!

cherry juiceFirst we went to Strauss which is a fun store that does home-wares and also clothes.  I got my mother a couple of small gifts and some lovely linen shirts for Bond to wear more casually.  Then we went to Komplott which is a fantastic jewelry store.  My friend M had recommended it and my mother and I went wild.  She bought me a lovely set of earrings and I also treated myself and she got a fab necklace too.  From there we went to a fantastic shoe store where my mother decided she NEEDED a new pair of Hogan’s and Tod’s, to be fair to her the sale prices were mental and they will be very useful for her!

CallasObviously all that took it out of us so we stopped at Callas cafe to have cherry juice and people watch.  Cherries are very popular in Berlin which is great for my mother who loves them with a passion!  I thoroughly enjoyed cherry juice and a quick rest before we headed back to the shops.

We went into some little quirky boutiques and I got Bond some really cute and fun gifts which he seemed to really like.  I am looking forward to trying out indoor ping pong soon…though I do wonder how many of our possessions will survive!

Soon we went back to KaDeWe where I finally found the perfect presents for my dad and for Bond (which I can’t speak of because they both read this!  I hope you like them both gents…only tokens of course!)  I then grabbed the two magazines my Dubai based German friend asked for (I will hand them over when I see her tomorrow night, Beef and German Elle are apparently the magazines to read!)

gelatoA quick stop off for some yummy ice cream that should have cost the earth but was in fact about three squids!! Then home to change before meeting dad for our last dinner together.  This dinner was to celebrate both parental birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day all of which I have missed or will miss.  Today is in fact my mother’s birthday so Happy Birthday Mummy!!

Dinner was at Einstein’s.  First we had a drink at the bar ‘Lebenstern’ and then went downstairs for supper.  The bar is pretty amazing, they have an amazing array of various spirits, including something like 500 types of gin!  I couldn’t believe it!  The three of us enjoyed a delicious cocktail before moving downstairs to eat outside (I had finally adjusted to the cooler climes!)  The food was delicious, I had the most delicious artichoke with a terrific vinaigrette, then wiener schnitzel with white asparagus followed by apple strudel.  All in all it was delightful, the service was wonderful and we all had a superb time!  I am already determined to return at Christmas!

einstein quote

I believe this means ‘In a coffeehouse sit people who want to be alone, but who also need community’


Look at all those bottles! There are many cabinets like this!


Really yummy! One was called a Daktari which apparently was a TV Show according to my mother!?

ritzenhoffOn our return home Dad gave mummy and I some gifts that he had picked up for us.  I was lucky enough to receive a lovely washbag, a Ritzenhoff bear and a hilarious cat shaped heated bean bag. We were all very happy when we said goodnight clutching our gifts!  Although it was sad to say our last good nights!

The next day was the return to Dubai, we had a quick stop for a drink and mummy treated me to noise cancelling earphones which are terrific! There were some tears before I left but luckily I just about managed to compose myself for the flight!  I was lucky enough to get a full row of four seats to myself and the food was actually edible so that made up for a lot!  A quick coach ride from Abu Dhabi and I was back with Bond exclaiming about the heat…!

It really was an amazing time and I can’t wait to return for more fun at Christmas!!


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Berlin Part 8!

  1. Mother Mands says:

    I’ve been meaning to get around to commenting, as I’ve enjoyed your posts and sounds like you had a great trip! I liked being reminded of the food over there, which I loved!
    I’ve only been to Berlin twice, met some good friends there (attended two Black and Death metal festivals, which were amazing, boy can those lot drink! :D) and the nightlife was fantastic! I will definitely return one day, and explore more of Germany hopefully! I bet it’s fantastic around Christmas, I look forward to reading about your visit then 🙂


    • widerangingramblings says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the posts and that they brought back happy memories!! Berlin really is such a great place and it sounds like you had an epic time! I agree they know how to party for sure!
      I will do a lot of posts about Christmas I am sure – I am really excited to do it again and check out the markets. The only issue I have is that it feels positively arctic compared to here!! I will have to be braver this year!


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