Brilliant Berlin parts 6 and 7!

A big upside to this series of posts is not having to think up unique titles!  A combination of Wednesday and Thursday today because we took a trip that went over both those days.

smile tshirt

This is the t-shirt I bought my ever smiling friend – I thought it was a lovely message!

On Wednesday we headed to the Berlin train station to go to Neuss for an over night trip to attend a dinner we had been invited to.  Neuss it transpires is about five hours away on a train.  I learned some surprising things about German trains, mostly that they are not remotely punctual.  Our train had the time changed at least twice and then the platform was changed too. Despite these fun and games we did get on to our train (my mother and I had of course checked out the shops and I had finally found a present for my friend in Dubai!) we were very happy to see we had a compartment to ourselves and so were able to relax.  My mother had come over all Nigella Lawson and had made us sandwiches and cake as well as some beverages!  We had a nice train lunch before we all had a little nap. All that running around stations was quite tiring!

Once we were all awake again we watched some Jeeves and Wooster on my ipad which I had downloaded.  We are all big fans so have seen them all before but still it was nice to watch again together.  Eventually several episodes and hours later we got to Neuss where a lovely gentleman collected us to take us to the hotel to change before dinner.


This is the only decent photo I managed to get from the train!

The hotel we stayed in was quite nice, when we got the booking we were all most amused to see that the highlight they mentioned was the great jogging in the grounds.  None of us are exactly keen joggers…! Still the rooms were a decent size and clean and the bed was comfortable and there was WiFI, for one nights stay you don’t need much more really.  Dinner was lovely, we all had a terrific time and the Germans were falling over themselves to translate for me so I could follow all the conversations.  I was very touched.  I have found that Germans tend to be very hospitable and willing to help with any language barriers.  I did a-level German so understand quite a bit but my spoken is terrible and if something is at speed I get a tad lost.  Unfortunately we had to leave Neuss early so we didn’t get to explore very much but we did pass by the old city gate and we saw the top of the cathedral.  It looks like a very pretty place from what I could tell!

Before we left we had a terrific hotel breakfast.  It’s a long standing joke that I get good value out of a buffet breakfast and there was no change here.  I ate like a King for sure and it was all delicious.  They even had a make your own waffle stand but I didn’t partake in that as I was certain I would make a big mess.

Having eaten our fill and packed we made our way to the train station for our return journey.  This proved to be easier said than done.  We realised at Neuss that as our train was delayed we would miss our connection in Dusseldorf so we took a cab to Dusseldorf only to find our train had been cancelled.  So we ended up taking a different train to another city and then finally a train to Berlin.  All in all it was a tad more excitement than we had anticipated but at least we got home!

We dropped Dad at his office as it was the middle of the day and then mummy and I went to a mall nearby and got some goodies for Bond and for Dad (oh ok and for ourselves!) and then we went and ate cake at Gallery Laffayette.  I had read in stylist that Macaroons are apparently ‘over’ in Dubai and that now we must all eat flashy eclairs in a variety of flavours.  Now obviously I wanted to be on trend so I decided to try a fashionable German eclair and I have to agree with the people at Stylist, they are better than Macaroons and they last longer! I urge you all to try a flashy eclair at once (the chocolate crunch one I had was amazing)!  I also tried a jasmine tea from The Mariage de Freres which is lovely, I really hope it comes to Dubai soon!

eclair jasmine tea

Soon we collected Dad and headed home for supper which was another lovely family evening!


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