Fantastic Frankie’s

batThis weekend was mainly spent by the pool, in the shade for me and in the blazing sun for Bond who seems determined to be browner than ever before while I maintain a vampire like pallor. We played yet more bat and ball, and even hit a new record of 56 hits back and forth until I panicked I was going to hit a swimmer and it all went wrong.  We will definitely stick to playing when the pool is empty in future.  Annoyingly we had already started when this guy started to swim right in the middle of the pool in the midst of our game.  I personally thought that was quite anti-social as we were easily avoidable where we were!  I suppose we all view such things differently though, he probably thought we were off playing in the pool.

beefOn Friday evening we met up with my German friend to hand over the magazines I got her in Berlin and to also have a long overdue catch-up.  She’s one of my closest friends out here but I don’t see nearly enough of her.  She’s a lawyer so works mad hours sadly!  Bond and her get on famously too which means the three of us have a lot of fun together.  The magazine turned out to be about grilling and all things meat and cooking related. Apparently it’s aimed at men and I could see why as it has quite a blokey feel to it.  It’s a little bit like GQ but about food, even the photos have a high end glossy feel to them. Bond and I both fancied some of the burgers they had photographs off!

We decided to meet at Frankie’s which is in JBR.  Bond and I have been a couple of times and really like it, they play great live music and the food is excellent.  I have also been pretty impressed by the service, definitely noteworthy here as it can be a hit and miss! I always loved the one in London and even had a big birthday party there a few years ago so it’s lovely to have this one on our doorstep!  The jockey Frankie Dettori owns them hence the name.

The menu is Italian but very diverse.  There really seems to be something for everyone from pizza and pasta to fancy meat and fish dishes as well as a lot of antipasti options.  We decided to share burrata salad and braesola to start and we all shared nicely with each other.  The Braeasola was served with asparagus and hollandaise sauce and was mouth wateringly good.  The piece of Burrata cheese we got was HUGE with just a smidge of salad.  It was ideal for sharing and having on delicious bread so we were all happy!  For main we all ended up having various tortellinis, they were absolutely delicious (I can say this with confidence as for once I did try a bit of everyone’s in exchange for mine, though I have to say I definitely ordered the best dish) Mine had a delicious truffle sauce that just tasted divine and the texture of the cheese tortelloni was amazing, it melted in the mouth even though when you cut into them they maintained their structure well.  All in all very impressive.

puddingNaturally we felt that it would be rude to leave without having dessert…My buddy and I decided to go for the same thing and had the coffee parfait which was absolutely wonderful.  The different textures of the hazelnut alongside the smooth coffee parfait was delicious.  It was so attractive I even remembered to take a picture (a miracle!!).  Sadly the photo doesn’t quite do it justice…I must improve in this area!  Problem is I like to eat so much that faffing around taking pictures seems a bit of a waste of time as it is keeping me from the all important tasting…

We shared some yummy wines and stayed to have cocktails and listen to the music.  It really was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I am looking forward to getting the three musketeers together again!


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