Perilous Parking

parkingFor the last two of my driving classes I have been learning to park.  Initially I thought what a breeze it all was as I completed my first ever attempt at parallel parking perfectly…then I tried to do it again and I had lost the knack!!  Talk about beginners luck… It took several further attempts to get it totally right and by the end I admit I was beyond frustrated.  Luckily my instructor has the patience of a saint and was very reassuring and said that really I was doing better than I though.  I suspect he may be entirely delusional?!  Once we (he, I remained unconvinced) decided that I was done with parallel parking we moved on to garage parking which I found relatively easy (well at least compared to the parallel parking) and I was able to do it relatively swiftly.  I then moved on to 60 degree parking (on the left and right) which should have been easy but really wasn’t.  I struggled to line my car up with the correct line, until my instructor and I realised that I had actually misunderstood what line he went…once that confusion was sorted I was in and out with no issues.

Today I turned up confident that I would just be improving on my skills…but instead I went totally to pieces!!  I just couldn’t seem to do it, I either turned too early or too late and just drove myself crazy.  My instructor said to calm down and then made me get out of the car and look at the space and just breathe.  Then he gave me a stick of gum to chew and bizarrely that short break really helped.  When I went back to it I managed to complete the manoeuvres as they are supposed to be executed.

Out here we have a parking test so I really need to nail these manoeuvres.  We also have an assessment test before the test believe it or not!  It’s all pretty intense and I recently read that the pass rate for Dubai is only 30%…fingers crossed I am in that 30%.  If you fail you have to take 6 more lessons before you can take the test and I really just want to be done now!!

On the 17th Ramadan starts, this means shorter working hours.  As a result I have changed my lesson schedule so I have two hour classes (instead of one) from the 17th till the 25th.  For the 17th my lovely teacher is away so I will have a different teacher, I am quite intrigued to see what he makes of my driving.  It’s always good to get a different perspective. I hope that we do a bit of parking and then hit the roads again so I can show him my skill set and get a full appraisal.

Tomorrow I have a day off from driving, good timing as I am off to Abu Dhabi tonight to see my friend who hopefully will be moving here!!  I suspect I will be quite tired tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Perilous Parking

  1. Muddy mum says:

    Having worked in many places over the years with very limited parking I’m fairly good at parking in an awkward and difficult space. Put me in an empty, straight forward car park and expect me to park straight however…why can’t I do that?!


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