An Abu Dhabi reunion

Yesterday my friend (the infamous one who is considering moving out here) had a job interview in Abu Dhabi.  The family she met flew her out literally for twenty four hours and fortunately she had the evening to herself so we made plans to have dinner before her return flight.

busThanks to a helpful colleague I discovered that there is a direct bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.  I was very pleased to find it only takes one and a half hours, is clean, has nice leather seats that recline, decent a/c and WiFi and costs a grand sum of 25 AED which is only 4 pounds!!  I honestly couldn’t believe it. Plus the place it leaves from is convenient for my apartment as it departs and arrives at Ibn Battuta station.  I was happy to curl up with my kindle and get stuck into my new book, ‘The Sudden Departure of the Fraser’s’ by Louise Candlish which is BRILLIANT!  Once I reach the end I will try to write a review that doesn’t give too much away, part of the appeal is the unknown aspects of it.

dusit thaniI left work and was in Abu Dhabi at my friends hotel at 7.30.  Even more conveniently her hotel is right by the bus station so I went to have a look around at her pad for the night.  The Dusit Thani is amazing, the decor is very in your face glamour but it manages to pull it off.  The hotel is built in a square around a square reception area which is huge and you take a lift up to the rooms from the side of this square, it feels like you’re floating into empty space.  If you are scared of heights I suspect it would be terrifying to be honest!  Luckily neither of us were afraid so we were able to enjoy it but I made a mental note never to let my mother go there, she does not like heights at all!!

burger bureauHaving had a good snoop around her hotel we headed on to Al Wahda mall which is right by the bus station.  We had HUGE but not especially memorable burgers at Burger Bureau.  It’s quite a bizarrely decorated place and there were bars in front of our table separating us from the other diners…we couldn’t work out what the purpose was of them other than to make the job of the waitress extra challenging.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures as the service was so attentive and I was worried I might cause offence!  It’s a decent enough place for a quick catch up but I wouldn’t say you should all rush there in your droves!

froyoAfter the burgers it was decreed that we HAD to have frozen yoghurt because apparently that is her ‘UAE thing’ now!  We went to Froyo were I was naughty and had cappuccino and chocolate flavour froyo with chocolate sauce that went hard when it touched the ice cream.  To make things less naughty I added strawberries, technically it was one of my five a day!  Madam showed me up no end by having plain froyo with fruit…!

Time passed all too quickly and I soon had to commence my return home.  It’s odd saying goodbye to her now, when I left London I cried when we said goodbye, now it feels like I will just see her the next day.  She’s so at home here already that it’s hard to remember that she doesn’t actually live here…yet!  Fingers crossed she lands this job please!


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