So much laughter!

spy movieLast night Bond and I went to see Spy – we had both heard rave reviews from our colleagues and so decided we needed to see whether it lived up to the hype! It’s a pretty star studded cast. Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Miranda Hart and Jason Statham are all in it just for starters.  I couldn’t be happier that the best of British and American comedy joined up to make this film!  It’s great to see the mix of humour from both sides of the pond.

To give you a rough idea of what happens without spoiling the film; Melissa McCarthy plays a CIA agent in charge of guiding her fellow Spy (Jude Law) through his missions. through a series of events Melissa ends up having to go and be a spy herself.  The scenarios she finds herself in are truly hilarious!  Miranda Hart becomes her right hand woman and is her typical funny self, getting into some fantastic capers herself!

raynaRose Byrne is a triumph in her role as the baddy, with her hairstyle practically becoming a character in her own right. She’s fantastically blunt and rude, definitely a change for her from her usual polite lovely characters. She really pulls the whole thing off and looks amazing throughout.  How she walked in some of her shoes I don’t know!

shakenThe guys don’t slack off either, Jason Statham does a really brilliant spoof on himself as the ‘uber spy’ who in reality doesn’t quite match up to his own spin! Jude Law is typically handsome and charming but with a bit of a rogue spin on it.  There are some great cameo appearances too, even Fifty Cent gets in on the act. It’s great also to see the director McCarthy’s husband Paul Feig put in an appearance.  He is doing so much to promote women in film and this is another great addition to his stable.

If you fancy a real laugh then I definitely recommend seeing Spy. Bond claimed it was aimed at women but he still really enjoyed it.  Definitely a good one for either a couple’s night out or a girls night! I will say though that the language was pretty out there (we are so used to things being censored we were quite surprised, but it might not be shocking for anyone used to uncensored films!)

We also had a quick bite at the counter, the veggie burger remains fantastic!  Highlight of the evening though, getting ID to watched the film!!!  The lady was genuinely shocked to find out that I was more than old enough to watch…made my evening!


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