Driving Daniel

parallel parkingOn Saturday I had TWO hours of driving from 9.30 – 11.30.  I was somewhat tired and not really in the mood.  However I had to rally as my teacher was in an even worse place.  Poor lovely Daniel had rotten luck on Saturday!  He’s only taught me twice as a favour to my usual teacher…imagine how he felt when my class was the one he was getting evaluated on…naturally I thought I had to bring my a-game for him!

He really is a great teacher, he’s patient and kind and let me learn at my own pace.  I felt that he really knew what he was doing.  It didn’t hurt that he speaks perfect English too!  I told the guy doing the evaluation that I was REALLY happy with Daniel and thought he had done really well with teaching me, albeit briefly.  Then I wrote out a highly favourable form saying how terrific he was!  Fingers crossed he passed the evaluation and that he didn’t do badly as a result of teaching me for that session.  He’s such a nice man, I would feel badly if I let him down.

My next few classes I go back to my usual instructor and in fact all going well I hope to finish within the next two weeks and be in my own car!  It would be PERFECT timing as in rather thrilling news my lovely friend got her job and will be moving out here in July!!!!  Rather unfortunate timing to move weatherwise but quite funny as it’s a year to the day that I moved here that she will be joining us out here…fortuitous some might say!

Please wish me luck!

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