I couldn't resist this when I saw it!  They love the 'Keep Calm' thing out here, I have magnets, one says 'Keep calm, we don't pay taxes' and the other 'keep calm, we still have oil!"

I couldn’t resist this when I saw it! They love the ‘Keep Calm’ thing out here, I even have magnets, one says ‘Keep calm, we don’t pay taxes’ and the other ‘keep calm, we still have oil!” Really ridiculous but funny all the same!

Last night I was invited to share Iftar with my best friend out here and her husband. Sadly Bond had to work and couldn’t join us, but the three of us still managed to have a great time! Iftar is the meal that people observing Ramadan eat to break their fast. Now my best buddy isn’t observing Ramadan as she’s not very religious but her husband is fasting during the day.  He thought it would be nice to share the meal with me and I was really touched as it’s a real moment for family and good friends.  It also meant I got quality time with them before N disappears on a long business trip…BOO!

On my arrival I was in awe to discover that H had gone for a run despite having had nothing to eat or drink all day. Given that I would struggle to make myself run even if I was in great peril you can imagine how impressed I really was!  He was thrilled with the Turkish cookery book I had bought him.  I know that’s the cuisine he wants to try next and it seemed like a fitting gift for someone who can’t drink or eat naughty sweets during Ramadan. Hopefully we can have a Turkish feast soon!

We really had so much fun gossiping away.  We had lentil stew to start with and a yummy salad, delicious and healthy!  Then we had Okra and H said it was the most successful attempt he has ever had at them.  It was really yummy with just the right level of spice to it. I was really pleased that they came out so well for him, he takes a lot of pride in his culinary skills so it was great to see all that hard work pay off.  I told him that he outdid himself and it was totally true!

At the end of the evening my lovely friend gave me a bag of the most GORGEOUS clothes that she no longer needs/wants.  Apparently it’s spring cleaning time!  I was absolutely thrilled and she has been beyond generous, going so far as to give me an Herve Leger dress!  I have wanted one for a long time but have never bitten the bullet as really they are so expensive and I figured it wasn’t a sensible way to spend money.  The one she has given me is gorgeous and I am thrilled with it, plus it’s guilt free as far as my bank are concerned!!  I am so lucky to have a friend with such a good heart, it wasn’t lost on me that she put it at the bottom of the bag and didn’t make a fuss about it – she knows how much I wanted one and I suspect that she decided she no longer ‘wanted’ it so she could give it to me to wear for my upcoming birthday. Really it’s rare to find someone that kind who doesn’t want any kind of thanks, she just does things like this from the goodness of her heart.  Considering she’s kind, funny, ambitious and fiercely loyal I am really lucky to have such a friend.  Out here I know it can be hard to meet genuine people – I found N in my first week, someone was looking out for me for sure!

Good friends at the end of the day are priceless and rare!

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