Parallel parking…my now defeated nemesis!

Now I can handle these places!! Though I am a tad afraid of the tight turns in some of the places out here…maybe Bond will have to escort me to begin with!!

As I previously mentioned we have a parking test here in Dubai.  I am not the world’s greatest parker. I really seem to struggle with going slowly enough and turning the wheel in the right direction.  It’s all most frustrating and basically comes down to being impatient…

Anyway on Sunday I headed off to take my dreaded parking test, there are five parts and you have to pass all five.  There were three of us taking the test, the girl before me made a total mess of it…this ended up totally throwing me off too and so I went to pieces. My garage parking was a debacle (and that’s me trying to be positive about it) and then my parallel parking was a joke (not a funny one…).  Eventually I got a grip on myself and sailed through angle parking, hill parking and emergency braking.  Sadly three out of five is NOT a pass, despite my winning smile so I had to book a new test.

I spent my Sunday driving lesson parking over and over again until I nailed it.  I even made my instructor get out of the car so he couldn’t help me and he said I was ready for the test!  Back I went on Monday to try again.  Fortunately you only have to do the bits that you fail so first we did the garage parking and phew it went well!  The lady said I was a tad too close on one side but decided as it was Ramadan she was going to count it as a pass (Ramadan seems to make people oddly benevolent, if I was hungry and thirsty I think I would be far from pleasant!)  Next we went off to the parallel parking spot, I could practically hear the dramatic music building up.  I got started and just repeated in my head over and over SLOW SLOW SLOW and tada I did it in one!  The examiner said ‘Mabrouk’ which means congratulations and now I am a qualified parker!!!

I am thrilled as this means that after just two more lessons I can take my assessment test – if that goes well then I do my freeway lesson and my night lesson and then the final RTA test and it’s DONE!  Of course I have to pass each element before moving on to the next one, fingers crossed please!!!  Luckily I have driven at night before in London so hopefully that will help!!


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