Driving…the mock test!

Believe it or not in Dubai you have to pass an assessment test to see if you are deemed fit to take the final test!  This after the theory test and the parking test! Honestly by the time I actually get unleashed on the roads I will probably just instinctively drive to Al Ahli to take a test because I will not BELIEVE this is finally over…that said my sense of direction is pretty poor!  I am not sure my instincts will take me anywhere without the help of GPS!

The assessment test is run by the school, if you fail you have to take 8 further classes. A total of four hours which means that you get delayed ever further from taking the final test.  Should you fail the assessment test again you have to take another 8 classes.  In the case of one person I heard of she failed so many times that by the end she had actually retaken the whole course…can you imagine??

Bearing all this in mind I was VERY nervous going to take my test today.  I really did not want to fail.  When we started I thought that it was going to be a disaster because I had to reverse into oncoming traffic which I LOATHE to do.  After I managed to get out and onto the roads I had to lane change, do a u-turn and emergency park. Then I had to sit and wait while another girl did her test.  It was only on our return to the school that I found out that I had indeed passed!!!!!  I practically did a victory dance!!

Tomorrow I have my mandatory motorway class and then and only then can I apply to take the final RTA test…

Believe it or not men out here have to do a mandatory night class, but I am but a feeble woman and so would obviously NEVER be out at night driving…right?


6 thoughts on “Driving…the mock test!

  1. Mother Mands says:

    Nice one! I’m so glad my test was simple ‘back in the day’ as I’d be useless now!
    I used to prefer driving at night, and am always the designated driver as I don’t drink that much (she says sipping an elderflower and vodka cocktail :D).


    • widerangingramblings says:

      This process is really ridiculous – but I do think by the end it does make you a confident driver, which out here is VITAL. If you hesitate you can be in a lot of danger.
      I drove at night in London for a couple of classes and it was ok except for the mad cyclists who all thought they were on the tour de France! Your cocktail sounds LOVELY – I quite fancy one of those! xx


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