So many surprises!!!

Since Thursday evening till Yesterday lunchtime my whole weekend was out of my control – Bond declared that he was taking care of my Birthday and would be making all the plans!  For a few minutes I was a tad worried becasue I am a bit of a control freak, I quickly snapped out of it though because I knew he would plan the perfect thing that I would love!  In fact a friend joked that he would probably treat it like a military campaign which was definitely the best approach…it’s safe to say that I tend to be a bit of a birthday Diva so it was a big deal to hand over the reigns! Fortunately I was right and my friend hit the nail on the head, this birthday was perfectly organised from start to finish!

I was told that I had to be ready to leave my flat at 7.30 and that I had to be suitably glamorous and that was all I knew.  I even had to put my hands over my ears in the cab so I couldn’t hear where I was going, to be honest I thought he was going to pull out a blindfold!  When we pulled into the Four Seasons I knew I was in for a real treat, the Four Seasons just opened here in October last year and has a fantastic reputation.  Everyone I know who has been loves it and I was so excited to be there!  We went to Nus’ret which is the hot new Turkish restaurant.  I was so thrilled because it’s all about meat and I am a bit of a carnivore! We had amazing spaghetti steak, it’s really thin and tender steak and was absolutely delicious.  Then we were served an ENTIRE rack of lamb, they brought it over to the table and carved it up for us – honestly I have not seen that much meat in my life!  Amazingly we managed to eat nearly all of it and luckily still had space for Baklava Birthday cake.  They brought it over on a gorgeous plate decorated with ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate and then they sang for me too!

After dinner we went to Hendrick’s bar, it really is beyond cool. The decoration is similar to an English Gentlemen’s club but with a Dubai twist.  It’s very chic, and somehow we managed to spend two hours sat there chatting!  Bond had the most insane cocktail, it was served in a jug that was full of smoke – it was incredible and looked like a potion from a mad scientist’s lab!  Apparently it was delicious too but it was a whiskey based one which I don’t really enjoy so it was a tad wasted on me, but the berry mojito I had was really yummy!  Eventually we did have to head home though!

The next day I was sent to get my hair and nails done at Mehr Mah, I really felt like a princess being totally fussed over by the ladies at the salon.  They were all so excited for my birthday which was lovely, by the time I left I felt like a million dollars!

Later in the evening Bond had brought champagne with him along with all my lovely presents and we had fun opening all my gifts.  I was BEYOND spoiled and everything he got me was totally perfect!  I felt very lucky!  Once all the gifts were opened I was ushered into a taxi to yet another secret location.  On the way there I actually managed to guess where we were going still that didn’t matter as the big surprise was when we got there! I turned the corner in Loca and several of my friends were sitting waiting for me, I couldn’t believe it!!  It really made me feel so special that people made the effort to come and celebrate with me.  Now that we have been here nearly a year it is great to know that I have really got good friends who value me – I really felt so lucky!  Everyone made a big effort to make it a fun night and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more!

On Saturday I had a lovely skype call with my parents who had enlisted Bond in sending me some stunning flowers.  They really are beautiful and look lovely on the window sill.

All in all it is safe to say I was spoiled rotten and I feel very lucky and happy!!  Now I just have to hope Bond likes his surprise too!!

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