A Man of Some repute – Elizabeth Edmondson

This book was on offer to Prime members of Kindle, so I got to read it before it’s official release date.  I am not sure I would have chosen it otherwise as it’s not quite my thing. In the end I am glad that Prime had me try something new.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s a quick easy read with engaging characters and a good dollop of mystery and a murder.  If you like whodunnit’s then this is for you.  There are spies and missing people and aristocrats too!  For all that it’s quite a gentle read – perfect for before bed or the metro which is where I do most of my reading.

Georgia is probably the funniest character, she’s the only child in the book and is a bit of a firecracker and super bright.  She and her brother who is significantly older were both left orphans by the war and he has a permanent limp due to an injury he sustained during the war.  They have moved to Selchester so Hugo can take a job, and they end up living in the castle and getting embroiled in finding out what happened to the missing Earl of Selchester.  Freya (the Earl’s niece) also lives in the castle and is implicated in the crime.  There are a host of good additional characters, and even some celebrities of the time put in an appearance.  I figured out the end quite early on which sort of spoiled the suspense though.  It is a tiny bit predictable which is a shame!

Overall I enjoyed this but I don’t know if I would read more in the series.  I am tempted to try other books by the author though.


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