Facing down the Freeway!

Look how HUGE it is!! Also it was not this quiet when I was on it…I was lucky enough to hit Ramadan rush hour…

Out here they call the Motorway the ‘freeway’ – they’ve adopted the American approach to cars and driving out here, even going so far as driving on the wrong side of the road!!  As part of the MANY phases to getting my UAE driving licence I had to do two hours of driving on this ‘freeway’.  There are two major 6 lane motorways (they can try to Americanise me in my classes but in my own blog I think I can call them their correct name!) that run through the city, Sheikh Zayed and Al Khail.  Sheikh Zayed is the one near me and the one that most people use and Al Khail is slightly quieter.  At least that was what I was told before I began my trip on the Al Khail road…

For about two minutes I was nervous and then it was really good fun, I like to drive fast and the average speed on Al Khail is 100km/hr and the maximum is 120km/hr.  Most people seem to be going at 119km/hr and I was happy to go at that speed.  It’s safer to stay at the same speed as everyone, if you go too slowly people want to cut you up and that’s when accidents can happen. We did a lot of lane changing and even tackled u-turns and roundabouts!  I am so pleased that I did the lesson because having to face that having never done it before would have been terrifying.  My instructor said I did a good job so I was happy and I think once I pass I will be fine on the big roads!

Now that I have surivived that I can book the final test – I am just waiting to hear when the big day is…!

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