To Wii fit or not to Wii fit…that is my question!

Now it may not be the deepest question but I would be really grateful for any feedback! I am seriously considering getting one of these things.  I am not really succeeding at getting to the gym and once I have the car there will be even less walking.  In order to avoid piling on pounds and becoming even less fit (seriously watch me run, it’s pitiful!) I decided to do some research.

People proposed going to classes but you have to join a gym to attend them and I just don’t want to spend yet more money when I have a gym in my building. I would happily just go for long walks in the evening but it really is too hot most of the year.  Having written of these options I remembered that my old flatmate had a Wii Fit and that it had been fun, but that was years ago.  When I asked her she said she did sort of still use it but not often.  So I  thought I would see if any of you had any different insights!

I am seriously competitive at stuff like this so if I can rope Bond in to do it with me that may help too.  I am also seriously clumsy and apparently one of the games improves balance – that can be no bad thing…it would be nice to walk around without hitting random objects, especially as I bruise like a peach! Rumour has it there is also a driving game, so it could help me practice that too I guess?!

I just wanted to see if anyone has one and what they think?  Was it just a fad that you got bored of or do you still regularly use it?  Did it help you get/keep fit?  Will it fuel a passion for Yoga in me? Also what games are good if I you do recommend it?  Burning questions I am sure you would agree!

It’s either this or trying Zumba DVD’s…and as I mentioned I have a total lack of co-ordination so I can’t see it being much of a success…


9 thoughts on “To Wii fit or not to Wii fit…that is my question!

  1. Tara says:

    We had a wii fit, I used it for maybe two weeks 🙂 We also have an xBox Konnect and a Playstation. If you’re going to use it for things other than exercise it might be worth it, otherwise I would go with DVDs. I did them for much longer.


  2. Muddy mum says:

    I would stick to DVDs. I take my fitness seriously, I have a wii fit and it sits gathering dust. It’s fun but fitness it is not.
    You can get some great fitness DVDs now and sure to find something you like at a fraction of the cost. Also there are online fitness coaching sessions – they wouldn’t work for me but something else that’s worth exploring!


    • widerangingramblings says:

      Was it any good for balance or yoga? That’s what my friend said it was good for, that and the competitive games. I wonder if for Bond and I it wouldn’t be fun when it’s hot out? Or do you really not use it at all? Which DVD’s are the best would you say? I have never heard about the video coaching, thanks for the tip!


      • Muddy mum says:

        Nope not at all, it used to be pulled out when we had friends over and drinks out but other than that pretty redundant. For DVDs it’s a case of finding somebody who doesn’t irritate you 😉 a lot of my friends have the insanity DVDs for when they can’t attend classes. Gym cube is the biggest online service I know of but I haven’t tried so definitely worth investigating first. For me it’s all about classes. I have so much fun and have made fantastic friends at classes but I can understand you wouldn’t want to pay out for gym facilities if you already have them. As long as you have fun though, that’s what matters at the end of the day!


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