iftar tentLast night I was invited by one of the General Manager’s at work to join her company for their team Iftar.  I was really flattered to be included by her as I really like her team but don’t technically work with them.  It was especially good to go with them as a few of my really good friends work there so I knew I would have fun!

The Iftar took place at Zero Gravity which is a bar/restaurant/club near where I live.  It is also right by SkyDive Dubai, hence the name.  They had set up a tent with air conditioning and gorgeous decoration and we were lucky enough to have the VIP area. It’s hard to believe that this is basically a marquee right?  It was HUGE and felt exactly like a restaurant.  It was so luxurious that it almost felt like a wedding marquee.  Dubai doesn’t underdo anything…I would have taken more pictures but it’s a bit frowned upon as ultimately this is part of a religious rite.

They served water ahead of the official end of the fast so that we would all be ready to drink the second that we were allowed to.  They also served traditional drinks, laban, date juice and apricot juice.  I haven’t had the apricot juice before and it was delicious, although very sweet.  They drink these types of drinks to get a lot of energy quickly after a long day of fasting.

Soon we headed over to the buffet to get some food.  The food was good but not amazing. I felt rather sorry for those who had been fasting.  I can’t imagine anything worse than looking forward to a meal that much and then being disappointed!  Luckily dessert made up for it, the chocolate mousse ice cream was delicious!

After dinner we played rummy, I discovered that the middle eastern posse are seriously competitive about their cards!  It got so heated I was rather glad that it ended!  I like to play cards as much as the next girl but it seemed a tad excessive for a game of rummy…also I am convinced they were making up rules on the spot!

These dinners finish early so that the venue can set up for Suhoor which is the meal people eat before they commence their fast.

It was a pretty unique experience to attend Iftar at such a place but I would like to go somewhere with more locals and that’s more busy to get a real feel for what it’s like!

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