It’s sad to say goodbye!

One thing I am struggling with living here is that people do come and go.  Now when it’s someone you vaguely know it’s ok, c’est la vie as they say, but when it’s someone you could see becoming a really good friend it’s really tough.  It was with a heavy heart that I went to go and say goodbye to such a friend on Monday night. We really hit it off and she has the same sense of humour as me and lives life to the max, it’s a shame we only got a few months together before she leaves.

The lovely L is heading home to Lebanon, she finished her internship with us and is now going back before deciding whether her future lies in Australia with her charming boyfriend or elsewhere.  Personally I hope they both decide to make Dubai home but that’s a pipe dream…

11 of us met for dinner at Loca (it’s becoming a regular haunt of mine now) and we got stuck in to wishing L well in her next phase of life!  We all had so much fun gossipping away over guacamole and margharita’s and just putting the world to rights.  We were all plotting for L to come back and visit and also for us to go and see her.  I am already excited to hit Lebanon with Bond and be shown around by a local with a taste for the good life.  I imagine we will have a brilliant time!

This is about how happy my colleague looked when he got his!

Loca of course lived up to expectations and was delicious, between the good food and company it was midnight before we left!  My lovely colleague offered to give two of us a lift home and on the way we seemed to hit every diversion Dubai had to offer…naturally this meant we just HAD to stop off for McDonald’s ice cream.  To the astonishment of both colleagues I have never had one before.   I really do not remember going as a child (my mother reads this so can shed light on whether that’s correct or not?!  Feel free to chime in Mummy!) and as a grown up it doesn’t really appeal.  I have obviously been there a few times but somehow or other I have not had this soft scoop ice cream. Anyway once they got over their shock they ordered for me, imagine my surprise that it cost 1dirham, that’s about 20pence believe it or not.  Anyway it was delicious, I don’t want to know what it was made from as I suspect Lard plays a part!  Still it was a fun experience to go in there with my colleagues and we laughed a lot about the fact we may have been a tad over dressed…!

Nights like these make me realise I am so lucky to have landed with such a fun bunch of colleagues who are really more like friends.  They are a terrific bunch of people! Now I just have to plan that trip to Lebanon!

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