A good cause!

These are some of the kids she has helped already!

A wonderful and talented friend of mine from school has spent the last few years bringing art to children in under privileged parts of London.  She is determined that every child deserves the chance to be creative.  She has used her incredible talent to help a lot of kids already and now wants to try to help even more.  She has set up a kickstarter campaign with the aim to raise money to roll out her scheme across London and eventually the UK.

For those of you who have kids and see how much they get out of arts and crafts please go and check out her page and see if you can’t help other kids learn and grow. These children are gaining so much from this, as are their families and communities. Amanda manages to create art out of things you have around the house and proves that art doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive.  It’s really inspiring what she does for these kids.  I will also say that she is a savvy businesswoman who will use any donations wisely.

Here is the link, she’s far more eloquent than me and her page explains all about what she does.  Please check it out and if you feel so inclined do donate, every penny helps!

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