Lovely Londoners

I just saw read an article online about a video posing the question ‘Are Londoners Horrible?’  I grew up there so there’s no doubt I am a Londoner, although I do hope I am not rude.  I would say that Londoners are not horrible as such, but they are able to zone out and just get on with their day.  It’s unusual for strangers to speak and Lord forbid someone smiles at you (this is so true that a friend of mine moved to London from Cornwall and people genuinely thought she was odd because she smiled at them!)  Dubai is the opposite, my neighbours chit chat with me and I have made lots of pals at the driving school and I have to say it’s far nicer this way.

With all that in mind I clicked to watch the video and my inner cynic fully expected the answer to be yes, all Londoners are horrible!

Please watch it…and see if I was right.

Are Londoners Horrible?

Maybe other people want to be Kind too?


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