Intimate Iftar


This is the view from their terrace.

Bond has a really old school friend out here who he went to school with, when he moved out here said friend was amazing showing him around and making sure he was settling in.  He even took him out in the car to show him tricks to driving in Dubai (vital as my driving posts will show!)  His girlfriend is equally lovely and has become a good friend to me too.  We have been very lucky to have such good friends.

Last night H invited us to his parents place for Iftar.  We were both so flattered to be included in their family Iftar as it’s a special time for family.  They live on a gorgeous apartment on the Palm with the most amazing view of the Atlantis.  The palm is a really cool place anyway, it’s a piece of impressive engineering that didn’t even exist a few years ago.  This was actually the first time I have driven there in daytime and it’s really impressive.  The buildings are really cool and there are lots of brilliant hotels.  One of my favourite places is there, the Zabeel Saray where I had my first ever meal in Dubai.

A cannon sounds at sunset which signals it is time to eat.  We took our seats at a table laden with food.  It was really a feast!  H’s mother had gone to a lot of trouble to make Iraqi dishes for us.  We started off with lentil soup, it was absolutely delicious, I haven’t had such good lentil soup before.  For the main course we had terrific kebabs, two different salads, baked flat bread with cheese wrapped inside, three different types of pickle, chicken basmati and then the special Iraqi lamb and baked bread dish with potatoes.  Honestly everything was totally delicious.  It was beyond a feast, we ate like kings and queens.

We moved through to the living room for tea and coffee and also lovely brownie bites. It was decided that we had to let our stomachs settle before moving on to the proper sweets. Once we decided we had a little bit more space for food we moved on to pudding.  We had ice cream with a delicious raspberry coulis and H’s girlfriend had made Oreo cheesecake to die for!  There was also watermelon so we could kid ourselves that we were a bit healthy…

We chatted for a while after dinner and then had to head home.  It was a lovely evening and it was great to have home cooked food in a family setting.  It’s definitely something we both miss what with our families being far away.  Hopefully we will be able to do it again soon!


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