Too much T.V.

Due to the heat here – it’s not hitting below 40 degrees at the moment which is somewhat intense – I have moved to the sofa for most of my downtime.  Bond is far braver than me so can head off to the beach in spite of these temperatures.  So intrepid is Bond he even runs in this heat!!  For intrepid read CRAZY and in serious training for MDS…

In his absence I have been indulging in some new guilty T.V.  My new favourite is Devious Maids, I have binged on season 1 and 2 and am now working my way through season 3.  It’s dangerously addictive!  It’s a show based on a Spanish TV Novella and it’s been produced for the American market by Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives fame).  All the cast are recognizable, especially Susan Lucci who is a day time T.V. star in the USA.

The show is based on maids and the families they work for.  There are five main maids – Zoila, Rosie, Carmen, Marisol and Valentina (who is Zoila’s daughter).  All of them are great characters and have really interesting back stories.  Rosie is adorable, Zoila is feisty and loyal, Carmen wants to be a diva, Marisol has a secret she’s desperate to keep and Valentina is in love with the rich son of her mother’s boss Susan Lucci.  The bosses are equally engaging.  Susan Lucci is adorable and has the most amazing relationship with Zoila.  Rosie’s bosses are a famous couple, the wife is EVIL but the husband is lovely.  Carmen works for a famous singer who seems aloof to begin with but later shows he has a heart and Marisol works for the Stoppards who are a lovely couple with a few secrets of their own.  My favourite couple I love to hate are the Powell’s, they are the King and Queen Bee of their social set and they go through maids like other people go through hot meals.  They have this delicious evil streak to them both that makes them so fun to watch.

It is total trash and it’s not going to make you intellectually stimulated, but if you’re ever at home hiding from the heat and knitting a blanket for your best friend then give this a whirl.  If nothing else you can judge me for my shocking taste in T.V.

Too redeem myself Bond and I got addicted to Game of Thrones and have now finished season 4!  It’s so violent and gory but also brilliant and I love certain characters and love hating others.  The only problem is that it brings out a bit of a violent side to me…apparently it is unnerving to Bond that I will shout out ‘rip out his tongue’ to the characters I don’t like!  I urge you to watch it if you aren’t and if you are please no spoilers!!

It’s a long weekend here for Eid so I suspect on Sunday I may find more guilty pleasure T.V.

Now to save myself from total intellectual stupor I am going to go and read the news!

6 thoughts on “Too much T.V.

  1. Mother Mands says:

    Oooh if you like GoT, check out Vikings, loads of blood ‘n guts on that and lots of rough and ready long haired blokes and some great strong female characters!
    I’ve knocked my Netflix subscription on the head for a few months, saving all the shows up for when the weather gets bad, whilst you do it the other way around, Haa! 😀


    • widerangingramblings says:

      I will have to check out Vikings – sounds just up our street!! I love the strong women in GoT! Yes, we hoard for the hot weather rather than cold…it’s a total reversal! Have you watched Breaking Bad? Everyone is urging us to get into that next!


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