Brilliant Bobbi Brown

For my birthday my lovely German friend gave me vouchers for make up at Bobbi Brown.  The two of us were really keen to learn how to do contouring and so we arranged to meet up and go for a session to learn how to do it.  Below can give you some hint of why we needed help…

There are just so many phases to the process so on Thursday we met up for a quick drink at her downtown apartment before heading off for the class. We figured we needed some dutch courage and as she recently painted her walls it was good to see the outcome.  She has gone for two statement walls in her sitting room – a sort of greenish blue colour that is very sophisticated.  Her bedroom however goes to show you can never do too much planning.  She went to the paint store and forgot the name of the colour, sadly the one she guessed was wrong and she now has an extremely bright blue wall!  It would be lovely for a child but it’s not quite the chic look she was going for.  Looks like the painter will be called back soon to rectify it!  Once we had looked at swatches and decided on a new colour we headed off to Dubai Mall.

The lady at Bobbi Brown had her work cut out for her as we were both totally clueless. I can do basic make-up but my only area of expertise is smokey eyes.  Going beyond that gets to be a bit much!  My friend went first and I realised that it really is a complex as I thought.  Not only do you have to put lines all over your face but you have to put them in the right place at the right angle!  It all depends on the shape of your face and what exactly you want to highlight or contour.  So I wanted a smaller nose and higher cheekbones and it was not easy to do!  You start with concealer and foundation and then the real fun begins.  You have the highlighter stick and the contour stick (as shown above) and you have to apply the colour in the right place in thick lines.  Then you have to smudge each individual line before blending it all together.  Then you have to add blush in the right place and setting powder. It’s probably more make-up than I have ever had on my face!  I thought my friend looked great and she thought I looked great but we both found ourselves funny looking.

It’s definitely a dramatic change to be so chiselled all of a sudden, plus the lady did heavy lipstick on me which I never usually wear.  It’s a fun look for a night out, I tried to do it at home and I think with better light and brushes and practice I can hopefully get it right in time!

If you too fancy trying a new ‘look’ then there are classes on their site, plus all over youtube!

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