Really old friends do their brows together…

So on Friday night I FINALLY got to see my friend and hear what her first week at work has been like since she moved here.  I was so excited to see her – it’s been most aggravating knowing she was just up the road but I couldn’t see her!

We met at Mall of the Emirates so she could do some all important shopping – it’s getting way too hot here for a London wardrobe for her!  Flipflops and a top later and it was time to eat.  We headed to Tribe and over a salmon burger for her and a chicken burger for me we put the world to rights.  It was so good to see her and to hear that all is going well so far.  She is off to London for a five week stay with the family she works for which sucks because I just got her back…but still it does mean she can import a LOAD of stuff for me which is most handy indeed!

Having had dinner we headed off to Sephora to see if they could rescue our brows.  Both of us were in serious need of brow maintenance and my mother raves about the Benefit Brow bar.  Off we headed and not two minutes after arriving we were in tall chairs having wax shoved on our faces. The girls did a fantastic job on us and we both looked significantly better than when we arrived.  Now we can show our faces in public without any shame!  We really had a lot of fun together and I am so excited to have her here as a permanent resident! Plus there is a lot to be said for having my best buddy out here…who else can you casually go for eyebrow waxing with!?


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