Saturday Spice!

On Saturday evening we got a gang together to have dinner with my best buddy to show her a good time!  Plus it sounded like she was in need of a drink…a BIG one. Having said she might be late of course she ended up being the first one sat at a big table. Luckily she had had a drink brought to her rapidly so she wasn’t too alone.  Amazingly for the middle east everyone was on time…though of course we are all English (except for the Canadian) and we haven’t assimilated yet!

In the end it was us two girls and a pack of boys who came out for the big night out. It was really fun to get the group back together.  It has been way too long since we did a big night out – the heat means a lot of people escaped for the summer.  Plus it is wedding season back home so a lot of people had commitments to head back for.  Now though people are starting to return home, because who can really want to miss out on 46 degree heat…

How cool is this light?

We hadn’t been to the Spice Emporium before but we were impressed from the beginning.  The decoration is lovely and the staff were delightful.  My bestie and I shared a few dishes as we couldn’t decide what to have. We shared prawn wontons, two different noodle dishes, a spicy seafood salad and pandan chicken.  It was all delicious and not too filling, this was great because I hate feeling stuffed after a meal. The cocktails we had were also really good – I had a yummy strawberry concoction but the boys were all boring and had beer…they do not understand the importance of trying a lot of different cocktails to benefit my blog!

We had such a fun evening together!  Everyone was very welcoming and so my bestie feels very pleased that she has moved here and already has buddies.  We can’t wait to have her back here full time so we can hang out more often!


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