Back in the driving seat!

So I am sure you have all been wondering where my fascinating and illuminating updates on driving have been.  Now I feel badly keeping you all in suspense so here it goes!  I have now sat my RTA test twice (the RTA is the final test) and naturally I have failed both times.

On my first attempt the other two girls who sat it with me were not the best drivers (that’s putting it kindly).  It’s the same system as the assessment test – it’s me, two additional people taking their test and the dreaded examiner.  The first girl drove through a stop sign and a red light and that was game over for her.  The second girl nearly had a HUGE crash which I frankly felt lucky to survive.  Sadly this meant that by my time I was basically a shaken mess…I made 17 minors and 2 majors.  It was a total disaster!

Second time was two weeks ago and in a totally galling discovery having driven really well for the whole test it transpired I had failed within the first minute of the test.  It turns out that if you reverse and end up in the wrong lane then you immediately fail!  I was most aggravated because I really did think I had passed!!

Anyway the RTA took two weeks off for Ramadan and Eid and so I also had some time off.  I was back today though, with my new instructor Nasir.  It turns out he is quite the test maverick, he told me all the insider knowledge on how to pass and also pointed out where my flaws were that have tripped me up in the past. I have another class tomorrow and then the next RTA test on Thursday…fingers crossed please!!

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