I am…my first ever linky!

This is my first ever ‘Linky’ so I really hope I have done it correctly!  The aim is to participate in the ‘Old School Blogging’ by Miss Elaine-ous life.

The idea is to take the emboldened words and then end the sentences.  Feel free to participate if you wish!!

I wonder if I will EVER pass my driving test.

I hear people speaking rather loudly in Arabic – new soundtrack to my life….

I see my computer screen, a tin of dates that are tempting me to eat and my lemon water which I should drink but am avoiding!

I want to be on holiday already – bring on Corsica!

I am hoping my friend manages to sort out life here in the U.A.E.

I pretend I am a great singer…to the great pain of anyone who has to hear the truth!

I feel excited a lot, life here is still so new every day even though it feels like home and I feel happy to be sharing this experience with the person I love.

I touch my keyboard more than anything else probably…I am not a very tactile person to be honest!

I worry about my friends and family, especially when I know something is wrong with them.

I cry very rarely at real life, but I can’t sit through any film without being in floods to the confusion of everyone I know!

I am constantly being asked how old I am because apparently I look far younger than the reality…it’s probably the height thing!

I understand more than ever before what it’s like to be new somewhere, it’s made me a nicer person and way more willing to make new friends.

I say way too much way too fast.

I dream horrifying Game of Thrones themed dreams…

I try to always do my best.

I hope that all the people I love will always be around.

I am the happiest I have ever been.

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