The Third Attempt…

Today I took my Third driving test…my heart sank when I saw it was my same examiner, AKA my NEMESIS!  I walked to the car like a person walking to the electric chair…the other girls taking it with me were equally nervous.  One of the girls was with me last time around so we were really rooting for each!

Girl numero uno aced it – I was certain she had passed.  For this I was most grateful because the better the person before is the better the mood of the examiner.

Then it was my turn, the start went smoothly and I felt confident.  Then it came to a left turn and I hesitated a moment too long and got stuck for what felt like a lifetime, I was sure it was game over.  Then I had to park in a bus stop which is illegal, when I questioned her the examiner said it was ok, but by then I had slightly missed the moment and she had to reverse for me…I finished and got back in the car totally deflated.

Girl number three went and lost control of the vehicle within two minutes and so that was it for her and we headed back to school.

It felt like the longest wait of ALL time while they decided who had passed/failed. One girl shrieked with glee!  Girl numero uno passed which was great news!  Then it got to me and the lady said ‘bad luck you have failed’ and I nearly cried, I was so upset…imagine my face when she said ‘Oh Habibi don’t cry I am just kidding look at the piece of paper’ and on the top of it was a stamp saying ‘PASSED’!!  Honestly I could not believe it – I practically jumped for joy!!

SO today I can go and collect my licence and hopefully get a car very soon so I will be zipping along to work!

The fact that today is the last time I need ever go to the driving school is making me indecently happy!

Thank you to all of you for your lovely words of support and luck – I really appreciate it!!

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