My new wheels!!

When I was 18 I remember all my friends getting their driving licence and then zooming about in their cars…and I didn’t envy them at all.  It all seemed a bit frightening and rather pointless as I was moving back to London and didn’t really see the need for driving.  They were all beyond excited about it though and I really didn’t get it!  To be honest for the last ten years it’s all panned our rather well not driving till now.  When there have been weekends away I have been a happy passenger and in some cases it’s gotten me out of going to places I didn’t especially fancy going to.

However as you all know that changed on moving to Dubai and if you have followed the driving saga you will know that the time has come for me to get a car!  So yesterday I met Bond and the car dealer at Motor City (so appropriate) to get my new wheels…

As I got behind the wheel I totally got why all my friends had been SO excited about their new car!  I already love my baby Peugeot 307!  My mother christened him ‘Victor’ because she hopes I am a Victorious driver.  He is a great car, the sports model with a Porsche gearbox….this is probably the closest I will be to a Porsche for quite some time!  He is black with a cream interior and nice wood detailing.  Plus a brand new very swishy sound system which I love and which was put in just for me the very day I got it.

Since beginning my relationship with Victor we have so far driven home at night following Bond which was quite the experience because I was certain I would lose him! It was my first time driving at night which was actually a bit frightening but I managed it! Luckily I didn’t lose him and it was pretty fun once I got to grips with the controls and the blind spots. Today I picked up a colleague who helped me navigate my way to the office.  He was a brilliant passenger and made me feel very at ease!  Plus he said I did a good job which was a much needed confidence boost.

Tonight is my first time driving totally alone with no one to guide me…I must admit to being a bit nervous of having to navigate and drive all at once.  I have my GPS charged up and set to talk to me and I am hoping for the best…

For those of you driving in Dubai please look out for a black Peugeot 307…now you can’t say you weren’t warned!


2 thoughts on “My new wheels!!

  1. Tara says:

    How exciting. My first car was a yellow Astra. My mum and dad bought it off my brother (although they bought it for him so not sure how that worked). It had a ridiculous HUGE set of speakers in the boot and stalled at every single roundabout. I still get a bit teary just thinking about it 🙂


    • widerangingramblings says:

      That does seem complex that they had to buy it back from your brother! Sounds like a car with personality though! My mother had a red volkswagen jetta for YEARS and when we had to get rid of him we cried buckets, he had flair did old Harry!

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