Benefit Baby Blues

When Bond’s mother was here of course we had to go to Sephora.  I am lucky to have a discount there so everyone who visits wants to make the most of it!  Also as we don’t have Sephora in the U.K it’s a fun experience.  My mother tells me she is compiling her Christmas wishlist already! The only problem with going to Sephora is it’s impossible to walk out without purchasing something…

I actually needed new make-up remover, toner and a cleansing water so decided I would try the Sephora own brand as I get 30% off it.  Then of course while meandering about I just HAD to get some new nail varnish.  I haven’t actually had a chance to try these yet because I am waiting to finish the remains of my current products and I had a mani/pedi at the weekend.  The bottles look nice and certainly are value for money as they are HUGE!  I have a terrible habit of buying new things and not finishing the old ones though so I am resisting for now…

Benefit just launched their new ‘They’re real’ mascara in brown and blue to add to the black they already do.  The salesgirl had the blue on and I thought it looked really cool.  I have blue eyes and figured this would be a fun way to bring them out.  I decided to try it today for the first time.  My first relief was that the colour is subtle so can be worn day and night and does bring out the colour of my eyes without my feeling like an eighties flashback!  I will have to let you know how well it lasts throughout the day…but it’s 45 degrees here so it does feel quite an unfair test!

I had also heard that white eyeliner is meant to make your eyes look brighter…as I am permanently sure I look tired I thought this might be just the ticket!  I got the Sephora own brand pencil.  It’s certainly easy to apply, but I do find it looks odd after years of wearing black…I think it will take some getting used to!  That said it does seem to make my eyes look brighter which is good…I wore it yesterday and felt it didn’t last that well – but as I say the heat makes all make up a bit more fallible!

All in all I would say the new eye-make up is a hit and I would certainly recommend the Benefit ‘They’re real’!


4 thoughts on “Benefit Baby Blues

  1. CosmeticChaos says:

    If you don’t like how the white looks on your water line give a neutral colour a go. Tarted has a “natural eyes” or some sort of liner named something similar and it’s basically just to open up the eye and take redness off the water line to make you look less tired and fresher. I’m in the same boat where I think the white looks odd!


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