Oh wow yummy!

A couple of days ago Bond and I had a few errands to run at Mall of the Emirates and so we both drove to meet there.  Amazingly enough we even found parking spots near each other!  Particularly miraculously there were no other cars around so I managed to park rather easily which was a huge relief.

We decided to eat first and luckily we were so hungry that we decided to have pudding. Our lovely waiter Fidel persuaded us that we definitely did have space for chocolate lava cake.  He is so charming it felt rude to say no and soon we were both sharing the below amazing pudding…

tribe pudding

This is truly the most delicious pudding I have EVER had, those mango swirls are such a great compliment to the chocolate.  Plus look how pretty it is?  We basically swooned with how good it is!

If you have a chance then for sure go and eat yummy Tribe puddings…seriously it seems Tribes can do no wrong!

I would tell you about our errands but they really were rather dull!

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