Toy Brunch at China Grill

This weekend was the joint birthday celebration of a couple Bond and I know.  Their birthdays are two weeks apart so they decided to do a joint group celebration on the weekend in the middle.

They gathered 25 of us together to get the party started!  Toy Brunch is a relatively new brunch that has a bit of a reputation for being cool and a lot of fun.  While we waited Spiderman was roaming around and then when we went downstairs there was a lady dressed as a Geisha sat in a table…I thought she was a doll and nearly fell over when she waved at me! They also had a lady who had some sort of apparatus that you threw hoops on.  A panda was roaming around and Tigger even put in an appearance. It was definitely great for anyone with a childish streak – like me!  The only thing missing was a minion

The food was really good, there was a live cooking station where they were making delicious duck wraps and another where you could get a plate of beef that was so tender it melted in your mouth.  Honestly it was delicious!  There was also a lot of sushi which I love.  The big hit though was the meatballs – the guys were obsessed with them and I had to agree they were seriously good!

The crowd were really good fun too, we laughed a lot and it was great to meet some new people.  A lot of them have been in Dubai a lot longer than us too so it was fun to get the insider gossip.

After a lot of partying we headed home at around 7 and it was kind of surreal to walk out into daylight.  The brunch is in a basement and is pretty dark and feels a lot like a nightclub.  I totally lost all sense of time!

All in all i would recommend it for Dubai locals but if you’er just visiting then do try one of the outside brunches where you can make the most of the weather and some fantastic views!


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