Feeling zen at Xenia

Yesterday at work I got a message on our in-house messaging system from what of my favourite girlfriends out here.  She suggested we head for a bite together and a catch up and I was very happy to accept.  It has been way too long since we had a good catch up as she has been away for what feels like a lifetime but is in fact only two weeks!

We drove over to Ibn Battuta which is a nearby mall with a pretty decent load of restaurants.  We agreed to meet at Xenia so we could gorge ourselves on Lebanese food which I love!

Getting to Ibn Battuta was fine…parking however was a nightmare, there were no places that I could easily get into and I rapidly gave up and decided to give it to the valet to deal with.  I know that sounds ridiculously decadent but it actually cost 3 pounds which I figured was cheaper than my potentially destroying a luxury car which seemed highly likely.  I felt far better about my cowardly parking ways when my friend turned up and admitted she had done the same thing!

We both decided we were intrigued by sushi style vine leaves so had that and fatoush salad to share.  Then we both had kebabs, mine was shish taouk and hers was a different type of shish kebab with cheese and it looked delicious.  Unfortunately we were chatting and just gobbled everything up without taking pictures!  Oops!

Xenia is a lovely place with nice decoration, even a few trees inside which I always get a kick out of and some fun colourful chandeliers.  The staff were lovely and very helpful, we wanted to move table so my friend could have shisha and they quickly sorted us a new table.  The food was absolutely yummy and the menu was vast so I am keen to go back and try some other things!

The only downside to the evening was my friend announcing that she is moving jobs which means I will see less of her.  However it’s a great move for her and I am sure we will keep in touch!


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