New Header

For those of you who read regularly (for which I thank you!!)  you will notice I have a new header!!  Isn’t it GORGEOUS?  Now before you all think my ego has gotten a bit out of hand I didn’t create it, would that I were so clever!

The wonderfully kind and generous Mother Mands made it for me, I am really so grateful to her for taking the time to design this lovely and stylish header.  It’s absolutely perfect as per the really poor brief I gave her – somehow she took my vague description and captured just what I was hoping for.  How sumptuous does that wool look?  I want to knit something right now whilst enjoying that drink and having Bond read to me while we enjoy that fabulous watercolour view, the Burj has never looked better!

Now I am a bit tech fail so it’s not quite displaying properly at the moment but please see below so you can see it in its full glory while I work on getting the display size to work for me!


Thank you Mands, you’re a marvel!!

13 thoughts on “New Header

      • Tara says:

        Argh, sorry. It’s times like this that I wish I had a clue 🙂 I googled: “WordPress header shows up on iPad and not PC” and some posts come up but the help comments seem quite technical (to me at least).


  1. Mother Mands says:

    *Blushes* Thanks ladies 😉
    I know what’s up with your header, I’ll mail you a resized one later. Because you’re not self hosted you have to stick with the fixed size…boo! I was trying to be clever and thought I could do it bigger, unfortunately not. Oh well I’ll send the narrower one later! Oh and Tara, you’re next, email in a bit 😉


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